Madison Avenue quality, Main Street budget

Who the heck we are…

I’m a one person operation, so this will be short and to the point. I’m Roger Snowden and you can contact me at 402.885.9906 or email


Roger Snowden


I have been making videos for some years now, and find it a passion. I am particularly fascinated by the persuasive influence moving images have on our lives, and I compulsively explore yet more effective ways of getting video to work for local businesses and organizations.

Motion sells, and it’s not just for national concerns. You can put top quality video commercials to work for  you without a massive, big agency budget.

Television works, so that is a great option. But, for smaller, more targeted audiences, social media tools might be ideal for you. Either way, a great video is the key, and that is where I make the difference.

I do work for political candidates, nonprofits and commercial businesses. Check out my portfolio and give me a call.

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